1 Suit Spider Solitaire

1 Suit Solitaire, also known as 1 Suit Spider Solitaire, is a version of the classic Spider card game that makes play easier by challenging the player with only one suit instead of a mix of suits. The player's goal is to rearrange the cards in 10 columns to create new, descending-order columns built from Kings to Aces. These columns are called the legs of the spider. They also attempt to obtain the highest score possible with the fastest time.

The player starts by rearranging face-up cards based on the descending order. Over time, this action flips over the face-down cards, which then give the player more cards to add to their new column builds. They draw from the draw pile five times, but the game distributes 10 cards each time across the columns. When this happens, the player must try to unblock their builds by rearranging the bottommost cards into different positions. If they move a card accidentally or become stuck, they can use the lower-right back arrow button to undo moves.

1 Suit Spider Solitaire allows the player to select a lightbulb button to highlight a pair of cards that go together. The game highlights a transferrable card with black, highlights a second card the same way, and then makes a sound.

The game features free cells underneath the top card position in each column as well. When the player reveals the empty, slightly darker, card-shaped space, they can move any card from the columns to it to help them build the spider legs faster.

If the player becomes frustrated with the current game, they can use the lower-right, three-line menu button to access options to reset it or start a new one.

How To Play

Rearrange cards into builds with a descending order for each new column. Flip and reveal the face-down cards. Use the five draws from the draw pile. If necessary, use the back arrow and lightbulb buttons. Play more than once to beat the last time and score.


Mouse: Click buttons, single cards and descending-order partial columns of cards.
Mobile: Tap buttons and cards. 

1 Suit Spider Solitaire
1 Suit Spider Solitaire.

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