Bubble Shooter Classic

Bubble Shooter Classic is a casual bubble-shooting game that features classic elements, including an arrow shooter and rows of hanging candy-colored bubbles. The player's goal is to earn a high score by removing all the bubbles from the white playfield in sets of three or more adjacent matching bubbles at a time.

The player uses the purple aiming arrow on the shooter to align a shot. They shoot colored projectile bubbles that match the ones on the field. The game places the projectile directly below the arrow and displays a preview of the next projectile at the bottom-right corner. When the player creates a line or set of three or more color-matched bubbles, the game makes the matching bubbles and any lower nearby connected non-matching ones disappear from the field.

Bubble Shooter Classic rewards the player with a high number of points on the right side of the screen when they remove a lot of bubbles at one time. That said, it also penalizes the player every time they fail to complete consecutive matches. If the five silver bubbles to the left of the shooter disappear, the game increases the number of bubbles on the playfield by adding another row. Although it then resets the number of bubbles available, sometimes it doesn't reset them all.

How to Play:

Align the shooter's targeting arrow. Shoot the projectile at two or more adjacent color-matched bubbles. Attempt to make as many matching and non-matching bubbles disappear during every move. If necessary, reload the game using the curved arrow button near the top-right corner.


Mouse: Click buttons. To use the arrow and shoot a projectile bubble, drag the mouse and click the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To use the shooter, drag the finger or stylus and tap the screen or trackpad.

Bubble Shooter Classic
Bubble Shooter Classic.

Bubble Shooter