Freecell Classic

Freecell Classic is a solitaire card game based on the original Freecell. On a wooden table, the player must shift a standard deck presented in eight columns of layered face-up cards to four suit-based spaces in a specific way. They must complete this task before time runs out in 10 minutes. The game is known as Freecell because it provides them with four empty spaces, or free cells, to use as a temporary holding area for any four cards whenever they're blocked from reaching a specific card in a column.

The player rearranges the cards between the columns and the empty spaces to reach the Aces first. They can only transfer cards to the spaces by using a one-suit ascending order (Aces up to Kings) per space. Within the columns, they can only rearrange cards to reach the ones they need by using a descending order (Kings down to 2s), non-suit, alternating color strategy. When they're blocked from reaching a card, they then move one or more cards to the free cells. If they make a mistake or want to try a different set of moves, the game provides a reverse arrow at the lower-right corner.

Freecell Classic allows the player to track the number of cards remaining on the table, the amount of time left on the clock, and the number of moves they've used at any given time along the upper right edge of the playfield. They can restart the current game or access a new one by using the X button at the lower-left corner or the three-line hamburger menu icon at the upper-left corner.

How To Play

Check the columns for the Aces. While taking into account the ability to transfer four cards to the empty spaces, create a strategy to reach the Aces. After rearranging the cards and starting the four suit-based piles, transfer additional cards to each of the piles. Watch the timer. If necessary, use the back arrow to undo one or more moves.


Mouse: Click buttons, menu icons and cards.
Mobile: Tap buttons, menu icons and cards.

Freecell Classic
Freecell Classic.

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