Microsoft Sudoku

Microsoft Sudoku is a number-placement logic-puzzle game that takes classic Sudoku to the next level. The player's goal is to fill 9x9 grids with numbers 1 to 9 in correct order across nine-space horizontal lines (rows), vertical lines (columns) and 3x3 sub-grid blocks (houses) without any repetition of the numbers.

Microsoft provides the player with Classic Puzzles and Irregular Puzzles modes and Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert difficulty levels. With the Irregular Puzzles mode, the primary difference is that the player must prevent repetition within irregularly shaped nine-space areas instead of in 3x3 sub-grids.

As with other Sudoku games, this one pre-fills some spaces with non-removable numbers. The player then attempts to insert the missing numbers. The player selects an empty space and then a number on the on-screen or keyboard keypad. They can use a notes button to toggle between the use of numbers and notations of possible number placements.

Microsoft Sudoku features several other helpful features, including a tool that blocks duplicates and a tool that shows incorrect answers with red highlighting. The player can also quickly switch difficulty levels and start new games by using a plus sign (+) at the top of the screen next to the mode details. Lastly, the game offers an erase button, a hint button and an undo button. 

When the player completes a set correctly, blue rings flash around the numbers. After the completion of a 9x9 grid, bursts and falling confetti appear. The game then displays statistics.

How to Play:

Select a mode and difficulty level. Look at the empty spaces and pre-filled numbers. Cross-compare the three main areas (rows, columns and house or irregular sub-grids). Guess and add the correct numbers to the spaces. Use tools to make gameplay easier.


Keyboard: Microsoft Sudoku works with a keyboard. The player can select a space by using the Arrows. To insert a number, use the corresponding number keys. To delete a number, use the Delete key. To undo a move, use the Ctrl and Z buttons at the same time.
Mouse: Click buttons, spaces and numbers.
Mobile: Tap buttons, spaces and numbers.

Microsoft Sudoku
Microsoft Sudoku.

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