1 Suit Spider Solitaire

There is something about Spider Solitaire that is so alluring and attractive throughout the world. Having a fair amount of problem-solving skills is paramount to mastering this game. This game is perfect for those who do not like hard thinking. It is a relaxing and entertaining game which people of all ages can enjoy.

A total of 104 cards are used in this game, divided between two 52-card decks. To begin the game, 54 cards are dealt into every column of Tableau: 6 cards into the first four columns and five cards into the remainder. During play, only the top card (bottom-most on-screen) from each pile appears face-up (visible), whereas the rest are hidden (invisible). There are 50 more cards to be sent to the stock.
For the player to win a game, part of the work is to cause all 44 hidden cards in the tableau to turn (become visible). When all cards atop it are removed, the card is automatically turned (or flipped). After the card is brought into play, you may move it as needed.
Tableau allows the moving of a group of one or more consecutive cards at a time. To move cards, they must all be of the same suit and should descend in rank from the top to the bottom of the screen. As soon as an entire suit run is completed from King to Ace, it is automatically stored in the foundation area.
An empty or vacant column contains no cards. You can place a suited run in any empty column according to the rules of the game.
You can do this by moving the bottom card from one bank to another or putting it into a vacant column. It does not necessarily require that the target card be the same suit as the highest-ranking card being moved, but it should be the card next in rank to the highest-ranking card being moved.
Once all the cards have been moved to the player's liking within the tableau, they must click on the rightmost stacked card in the stock.
As the stock moves through suites and new deals are initiated, this process continues until no more piles in stock remain. Having driven all the cards around and removed them from the tableau at this point, the player wins.
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