Block Champ

We all have enjoyed an online game as a quick and fun break from our day. Block Champ is a relaxing 10X10 puzzle game that can be played casually. Block Champ requires strategy and planning to maximize your score. The goal in playing Block Champ is to fill rows and columns with blocks to clear them, without running out of space. You place blocks by choosing from a bank of three that is refilled when all three blocks are placed. Frozen blocks must be cleared twice, so pay close attention when you place them. Two lightning blocks in the same line will instantly clear the line. Strategize to clear two or more lines at once to increase your score multiplier. Because the blocks are moved by the player and not automatically, Block Champ can be played casually, without the stress of blocks piling up. This makes it much more accessible for those who may have to look away from the game for a moment. The upbeat soundtrack and fun sound effects will immerse you in this addictive game. The challenge of achieving a high score and beating your personal best makes the game attractive for many players. What is your high score?
Bubble Shooter