Bubble Burst

Bubble Burst is the most played game version. It is played on tablets, mobiles, and laptops, which means that the players can play the game anywhere. The has beautiful colors, clear playing field, making the players entertained.

How to play

When playing, the player moves the arrow using the mouse and click to release the bubble. To score points, he makes three or more combinations to make them disappear. Shooting more bubbles at once makes the player score points. The winning bubble burst happens when all the bubbles are shoot.

When playing, if the lines left are few, the player can shoot the remaining colors by grouping the last balls. The original bubble shooter is the most played version of this game. During the game, the player should make three combinations using the same bubbles and shoot them at each other.

If the player has three or more bubbles of the same color, they disappear. When playing, the player should shoot until the playing field is unlocked. It is essential that when playing, and you hit many bubbles at once.

When shooting, the bubbles will form in the field, which poses a challenge to the player. To win, ensure that you make perfect combinations of bubbles in terms of color; when you cannot make an ideal combination, put away the bubble properly for the next shoot.

You can play with colors by removing blue bubbles at the end of the game, and you do this color by color. This strategy will help you complete the game.
Bubble Shooter