Bubble Shooter Arcade

Bubble Shooter Arcade is a free, easy, and enjoyable game for all ages. It helps to de-stress, build problem-solving skills, and keep you quick on your feet with an endless supply of fresh, new bubble combinations. Today I'll show you how to play!
How to Play 1. Select the blue "play game" icon 2. Watch a brief, 10 second advertisement to prepare for the action! 3. Get started!

Review of Play

Bubble Shooter Arcade is a single-player game. First, I look at the colored bubbles on screen. Next, I decide where I should shoot my first bubble, aiming for a large clump of the same color to knock them out of the pile. Keep an eye on the color of your bubble in the queue, as rainbow bubbles can knock down a clump of any color bubbles.

Make sure you turn up your brightness and sound! The colors and sounds made are super satisfying. Keep in mind you are being timed! Make sure you keep an eye on the bubbles and prepare for your next step. After I shot as many bubble combinations down as I could, the game was over and I got to see my high score. This game is so fun and easy to play that I immediately wanted to try again!
Bubble Shooter