Bubble Shooter HD

Bubble Shooter HD is a web based game which can be played online. It does not require installation or downloading. When compared to the Bubble Shooter Game, this high-definition. The game can be played for free on both desktops and mobile phones.
It is easy to learn hence can be played by people across all ages. The only strategy needed is knowing how to aim and shoot. The goal is to clear the game board of all the bubbles to earn the highest points possible. This is achieved by shooting two or more bubbles with a similar color as the shooter bubble so that they can pop. The more bubbles popped, the more points gained. If no bubbles are detonated a new line is added on the board. If the bubbles hit the lowest row the game is lost. When using a mobile phone or a tablet, I use my finger to control the movement of the bubbles. If I am using a desktop, a mouse or a keyboard is sufficient to control.
This game requires fast shooting and high precision. It does not provide a lot of time to think, because it requires targeting at the best shot while preparing for the next step. The challenge is in looking for bubbles of the same colors in a very short time which makes the game fun.
Bubble Shooter