Bubble Shooter Pro

Looking for a fun and free bubble shooter game? Check out Bubble Shooter Pro. The unique gameplay and crisp graphics only add to the exhilarating gameplay.
A classic bubble shooting game, Bubble Shooter Pro takes on a clever match-three bubbles approach to the game. You have to shoot a bubble to match it up with three of the same color. Most would call this a puzzle game where you have to shoot away at the bubbles before they overwhelm your board. As the levels progress, the challenge gets harder.

The game feels addictive, and you can get hooked on it for hours. Especially if you want to kill time, Bubble Shooter Pro offers you a means to do that. Remove as many of the bubbles from the board as possible while scoring as high as you can. To achieve the high score, aim for as many bubbles as possible. The more bubbles you pop in a single shot, the higher your score.

Let's say that you don't detonate the bubbles in time. When you fail to pop the bubbles, a new line of bubbles will appear after a few misses. At the end of each level, they will rate your skills and how you played on the last level. You can either play this on the browser or from a mobile device. Check back in for the daily bonuses. You have over 500 levels to beat.
Bubble Shooter