Connect Classic

Connect Classic is an excellent and entertaining game in the bubble shooter category. It stimulates your mind and engages your memory. The colorful design makes for a fun experience and here is how you play.
How to Play Connect Classic
You start out with the option of three different boards. Each of these boards has its own design. You can choose between animal tiles, candy tiles or fruit and vegetable tiles. Whichever one you choose, you will need to match tiles with the same images on them in a line.
When you match up tiles of the same images in a line, you make it so that you clear the board and new tiles appear in their place. Each time you do this you add points to your roster. The more matching tiles you can line up with one play, the more points you earn.
The Design
Connect Classic has a cute design that you will love to play the game on. The board consists of adorable icons, such as cartoon popsicles and cartoon candy mints. The game is colorful and fun.
You can earn bonuses on your play by matching up more than three tiles at a time. For example if you can move one tile in order to line up four tiles at a time, you earn bonus points in your game. The goal of the game is of course to earn as many points as possible by the time you reach the last level.
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