We are all about offering captivating games like Connect. Not only is Connect simple, but the graphics are also state of the art.

Playing Connect

Connect is as simple as connecting the dots. All you have to do is ensure that they are the right dots. We need you to connect dots of the same color to rack up points. You can either join the dots vertically or horizontally. The longer the connections are, the more points you garner.

Going to the Next Level

To move to the next level, you need to clear all dots. When you make the right moves, you can defuse the bombs before they go off. Inevitably, as you advance levels, we present new challenges, making the game even more enjoyable. Every time you play, try to beat your previous score. As you master the game, you can enjoy a longer playing time, more points, and power-ups.

Connect is a fascinating brain-training game that relies on your strategic planning skills. You can enjoy the game for hours on end.

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