Dont Spoil It

Don't Spoil it is the next Candy Crush and I can't find myself getting enough of it. From the time I first logged in I found myself always itching for more. In this classic matching game I am creating epic combos, leveling up, and racking up points. However, I don't focus on combos too much. I need to at least match three to eliminate the ghosts before the progress bar runs out at the top of my screen. As I level up I accumulate ice breakers that allow me to eliminate lines when I find myself stuck. If the ghosts get in the water and "spoil it" then I find myself hitting the restart button. This game offers the ability to turn off the music and sound effects for those times I find myself wanting to get a quick game in when things are quiet at the office. Don't Spoil it is a great way to pass the time, and always offers a different experience every time I play it.
Bubble Shooter