Forest Match

Fun forest creatures help you play this delightful matching game. A sweet fairy is your guide through this enchanted forest filled with fun activities. Listen to the fairy’s guidance as you match woodsy themed items like mushrooms, berries, clovers, or flowers. Line them up and collect them to receive points. Points are essential for unlocking more game content. Please pay attention to the goal of each level because it will help you to move forward in Forest Match.

Travel around the game board to find more challenging levels, surprise treasure chests, and more exciting gameplay. Make super matches with unique game pieces to clear the board faster and rack up those points. It’s exciting to see the board cleared with only a few calculated moves. Throughout the game, you’ll collect trophies and coins. Grab the chance to double up on your winnings by watching a short family-friendly video.

Players of Forest Match will find themselves deep in forest fun. Breaking special-colored squares and navigating around barriers is all part of the strategy of this online game. Make your moves wisely because you have a limited number of them. Players should keep moving through the game to unlock achievements and open special gift boxes. The fun never ends on this fun Forest Match adventure.
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