Free Bubble Shooter

Play Bubble Shooter Free. The one and only free bubble shooter game. The goal is to pop all bubbles that are on the board. Do this by making combinations of 3 or more bubbles. Try to shot large strings of free bubbles to score more points. The bubbles will fall into the buckets at the bottom, this will give you an extra points boost. In the settings, you can turn the sounds on and off, and if you press the pause button you will see the scoreboard. All your progress is saved so you can come back later and try to increase your score.

Bubble Shooter, or bubble shooter game, as it’s also known, is a puzzle-style game similar to other games such as Bejeweled and Peggle. The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by shooting at groups of three or more matching colored bubbles before they reach the bottom of the screen. When you select this option from your main menu, you will see an area where the game board displays colored bubbles that are arranged in stacks and rows over a gray background.


Bubble Shooter is one of those games that most people have heard of. You know, one of those games you've been thinking about playing again, but just never got around to it? A couple taps on your phone and you're playing again...this time for real. I'll take a few minutes and teach you how to play Bubble Shooter! There's nothing complicated here, just a game that has stood out as addictive for years!

What Is a Bubble Shooter Game?

Bubble shooter games have been around for years and continue to evolve, becoming more difficult as you advance. At first glance, Bubble shooter appears simple however, you will realize you have been playing for quite a while. The most common way of playing bubble shooters involves moving a dot from one bubble to another using your computer mouse or touch screen. Along with being addictive and entertaining, bubble shooters are also good ways to keep your brain sharp and active.

Pop all Bubbles!

Bubble Shooter offers a great mental workout. It’s one of those games where you think you’re done with it, but then you find yourself coming back for more. The premise is simple: use your mouse to aim and shoot colored bubbles in an effort to group three or more of them together, which makes them disappear from play. Each game is self-contained, so once you pop all bubbles on screen – no new ones will appear; meaning there are limited tries until victory or defeat.
Bubble Shooter