Freecell Solitaire

Freecell Solitaire, as it’s name suggests, is a solo game that can be a lot of fun to play. It might seem a bit confusing and challenging at first, but once the rules become clear, it’s actually quite easy to follow. Purpose of the game is to end up creating four stacks of cards in the foundation piles, one per suit, beginning with Ace and ending with the King. Only 52 cards from the stack are used and 13 cards end up in each pile for a particular suit.

There are many versions of the game, but in this particular one, there are eight stacks of open-faced cards in any random order. Main rule of the game is to place the next lowest value card over the existing one in any pile of cards, and it has to be a different color – red over black or black over red. For example, if an Eight of Diamonds is open, only a Seven of Spades or Seven of Clubs can be placed on top of that card. Seven of Diamonds or Seven of Hearts would not be allowed, as it is the same color as the existing open card.

There are four empty piles on the top left side. These can be used to place cards temporarily not needed to help solve the game. These can be used as placeholders for the moment to open up other cards that can help solve the game. Keep in mind, only four cards can be moved to these empty slots, so the challenge is to find cards hidden behind these cards that can help solve the game. Once you have a suitable card in any of the bottom piles, the cards from these four piles can be moved back to follow the descending order of different color.

Once there is an Ace card open in any pile, it can be moved to one of the four foundation piles on the top right corner. As more cards become available in the ascending order of the same suit, these can be placed on top of the lower ones in the foundation piles. The game is won once all cards have been placed in the four foundation piles. But remember, there is a timer as well, so object of the game is to move the cards as fast as possible to their respective foundation piles!
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