Gummy Blocks

Gummy blocks is a puzzle games like Tetris. Drag the colored blocks onto the field. Make lines to clear them. This way you can clear new rows and place more blocks.
The level is done if you can place all the blocks on the field. Be sure to sort them correct and to use every inch of space, otherwise you can't place all blocks.

Once all blocks are placed you advance to the next level. You can earn stars and trophies.

This game takes careful consideration and requires excellent thinking skills. It's so much fun to play though, and it's so easy to play too.
At the beginning of the game, the player will find that there is a page of instructions once they click play. Carefully read the instructions to find out how to play. The instructions are easy to follow. Once they have read the instructions, the player can begin to play.

There are lots of blocks at the bottom of the game. All the player needs to do is drag the blocks to the tiles. The rainbow blocks are like little placeholders to put in any space the player wants that has one tile. Once they have a row with all blocks filled up, that row will disappear. Keep doing the same thing until there isn't any more room in the game square. The player will know when a dialog box appears.
Once that dialog box appears, it will ask if they would like to watch a short video to remove two of the squares. If they click yes, then they can keep playing. Once the player finishes and completes as much as they can, another dialog box will appear with their score number. They can choose to refresh the game and play again if they would like.
This game doesn't take long to complete and anyone can complete it in their spare time from work, school, or taking care of the kids. Their kids could even play it too. It's that easy.
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