Jewel Shuffle

The Jewel Shuffle phone game is a fun game for anyone who enjoys matching up and shuffling up different colored gems into rows on a board. It's similar to other games where you trade off gems or candy or other shapes on a game board to get them lined up properly. It is somewhat similar to the game candy crush, but the board being played on is larger. The object of the game is to get your gems in a row. The more gems you get in a row, the more gems that will break apart along with the row you made. Shuffling up the gems in Jewel Shuffle can make for plenty of fun if you're looking for a new game to amuse yourself or a way to pass some time while you're waiting or spending some time indoors. The Jewel Shuffle game is geared primarily toward women, teen, and children gamers. Although men may also enjoy playing the jewel shuffling game. Most of the gamers that use this game are women gamers who want a fairly simple game to pass some time. The design is also appealing to women because it has a treasure or gem focus for it.
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