Klondike Solitaire Big

Klondike Solitaire big is the modern day spin of the classic solitaire card game. It combines everything that’s loved about the classic casual game and brings it into a straightforward, user-friendly, and responsive online platform. Klondike Solitaire big, refreshingly, has no bells and whistles. The traditional, casino style layout and traditional audio are easy on the eyes and ears. The game can be played in windowed or fullscreen mode for a more immersive experience. Fullscreen mode puts setting options at the bottom of the screen, making features more accessible. Playing the game is pretty self-explanatory. The difficultly of the internet game can be easily selected by clicking on the “draw 1” or “draw 3” options. Selecting the “draw 1” option will draw one card from the pile, making the game easier, while “draw 3” will draw 3 cards, adding further challenge. The game is then played by clicking and dragging the cards to their respective positions. Double-clicking will automatically send cards to a potential position and clearing all covered decks sets off the auto function that shoots all cards into the winning position. This sets off the cascading effect of the old-school solitaire games that all longtime gamers can recognize.
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