Match Arena

Match arena was developed in May 2018 by Eric and later released in February 2019 as an HTML5 game. It is an enthusiastic 3 game Matchplay against other opponents. You can also play it in multiplayer mode, where you’ll be required to accomplish specific goals during the match. Having the highest score will make you the winner. However, remember there are limited moves, so you must think of efficient ways to outwit your opponent. This game is full of twists and dynamic moves that make it very interesting. You can also customize your avatar, depending on your preference. There are also different goals and challenges that you need to accomplish during the gameplay. Match arena has animations and smooth designs that makes it compatible with a mobile or a desktop browser. An interesting fact about this game is that you will have an easy time learning that controls and includes puzzles, two-player, real-time, Match 3, and HTML 5.These control will help you navigate during the entire gameplay. It also gives you a chance to discover new modes as you level up in your ranking. Gamers can have a platform to compete with other opponents worldwide, and as you win every round, you will get higher points on your scoreboard.
Bubble Shooter