Merge Cakes

Merge Cakes is a fun new game, with a cheerful bakery theme. The game is in the bubble shooter category and it is completely one of a kind. The goal of the game is to combine as many pastry icons as possible in order to earn points. You can make completely new recipes by combining like pastries with one another on the board.
How to Play
You start the game with a board of six tiles. The first tile is revealed as a type of pastry, and then a second tile is revealed as another type of pastry. If these two tiles match then you can combine them in order to form a new recipe and earn points.
If they don't match then you must wait 10 seconds in order for a new tile to appear. Each time that you combine like pastry tiles, a new recipe magically appears. These recipes include things like Cannolo Simplice.
You can unlock new bonuses when you combine certain recipes. For example, if you combine two cookies to make a double cookie recipe and then combine two of those double cookies to make a new recipe, you can open up a new space on the board. You build upon your points and your ability to open up new spaces on the board each time that you combine like pastries to create a recipe. Play this game to keep your mind occupied and for fun entertainment.
Bubble Shooter