Merge Jewels

If you adore puzzle games, strategies and the sights of stunning jewels of all kinds, then Merge Jewels may just be the online game for you to play.

Merge Jewels and Unadulterated Gaming Glory

Merge Jewels is an energizing online puzzle game. It's a clicker game that's all about pure strategy. What exactly does it entail? The objective behind Merge Games is to encourage players to round up stones that are of the same category. All of the jewels enable the players to rack up money instantly. Gems that have significant value naturally rack up higher amounts of money. That's how they're able to unlock additional slots for players.

If you like the concept of rounding up as many intriguing jewels as you can, then you may find it tough to turn away from this game even for half a second. It can be fun to get your hands on dull stones only to transform them into the most brilliant gems that you have ever seen. Getting your hands on helpful coins can be immensely rewarding as well. If you're able to expand your playing board, then you can round up increased numbers of gems all of the time.

Do you see any special "gift boxes" of sorts around? If you do, then you'll be rewarded with an eye-catching jewel you never even knew was coming.
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