Original Bubble Shooter

Original Bubble Shooter, also known as Bubble Game 3, is nearly identical to Bubbleshooter. As with that game, the player's main goal is to pop bubbles using a bubble-shooting tool to clear the board as quickly as possible and earn points.

To load the game, the player simply taps the "Play" button. This version of Bubble Shooter supplies game restart, setup and other options and a blue bubble score counter that expands from one bubble to many horizontally to the left as the player increases their score. It's important to note that on the setup screen, the player can adjust the red, green and blue tones of the background colors and the sound using bubble-shaped sliders. The "Top Ten" bubble gives supplies the player with a list of their highest scores.

The game is easy to use and a nearly perfect representation of the most basic version for this genre of games. The player starts out as a novice. The top of the board features horizontal rows of multicolored bubbles. The player clear bubbles from the board by pointing the arrow, the shooter, at a bubble on the row above it that matches the color of the bubble in the shooter and then tapping a mouse or trackpad button or tapping the screen once. When the player connects three bubbles of the same color, all of the attached bubbles of that color pop and fade from the screen. If the bubbles connect around or above other bubbles, then all of the bubbles pop no matter their colors.

If a player fails to launch a bubble at a bubble of the same color, then the bubble from the shooter sticks to the bottom row of bubbles and increases the number of bubbles that the player must remove from the board. The silver bubbles next to the shooter show the player how many times they can make this mistake per round. Every time they fail, a silver bubble disappears. When they all disappear, the horizontal rows of bubbles move down the screen, which makes it harder for the player to clear bubbles since the open space to direct shooter across decreases in size.

Although Original Bubble Shooter doesn't have a save option, it does automatically pause whenever the player switches to a different browser tab, which effectively saves the game as long as no one closes the tab.
Bubble Shooter