Pet Link

Pet link is a fun game to play for a good challenge. It is a bubble shooter style game, wherein you must align tiles that have matching images on them. The purpose of the game is to get enough tiles aligned that you can clear that area of the board where the tiles sit.
How Does It Work?
You start out this fun game with a board that is 10 tiles tall by 14 tiles wide. Each of the tiles has a particular image on it of a different adorable pet. It is your job to find two or more tiles next to each other with the same pet image. You can then move one tile close by with that same pet image in order to form a line of matching images.
When you do this, the tiles with these matching pet images will magically disappear and you will have cleared space on the board. New tiles will appear in their place and you can continue to try to find tiles that match in their pet images. Each tile has the cutest pet on it and the game is truly fun to play.
There are nine levels to this game. You get a bonus when you line up four or more of the same pet image tile. You can earn extra points this way. Overall this is a great game for mental stimulation and sharpening your skills.
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