Solitaire Classic

Solitaire Classic is a web version of the classic single-player Solitaire card table game. A player's goal is to rearrange cards on the traditional green table into four piles by suit (clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades) as quickly as possible.

The game starts by automatically arranging some of the deck cards into seven vertical rows under the deck and empty, dark green, card-shaped slots to the left of the deck. The player must locate the Aces for each suit first to move those cards to the slots. Once they have the Aces, they then pile cards by finding the next cards in sequence for each suit (2, 3, 4, 5, 6... 10, J, Q and K).

To search for the Aces, the player drags and drops or double taps cards of an opposite color and any suit to move them vertically under other cards in a similar numerical sequence. For example, they might double tap a black two of diamonds to place it under a red three of spades or a red eight of clubs to place it under a black nine of hearts. When they run out of sequential cards, they tap the deck to find a card they can use in the vertical rows. When they find an Ace, they double tap it to automatically move it to an empty card slot. When they find the next card in the matching suit, a two card, they double tap it to move it to the Ace.

The game automatically uses a "Draw 3" setting, which means that three cards instead of one card are drawn from the deck any time the player must turn to the deck for help. If the player taps the menu icon, three horizontal bars that are known as a hamburger menu, they can uncheck the "Draw 3" option to switch to one-card draw. On this menu, the player can also start a new game and turn off the sound. They can even pull up a Statistics popup screen to review how way they played each game, including the number of games they played, the number that they won, their win percentage, their shortest and longest times and their highest and lowest scores.

Whenever the player repositions cards, the game flips over cards that they can then use to move more cards from the vertical rows to the suit piles. If they clear an entire row, they can also create a new one to help them flip more cards by moving a King card to the empty row slot and then adding cards to it in reverse sequence (i.e. K, Q, J, 10... et cetera).

The top of the screen above the table displays the player's score at the upper left corner. They can also undo one or more previous moves by tapping an "Undo" icon at any time.
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