Solitaire Tripeaks

Solitaire Tripeaks is a fun game for children and adults looking for leisure entertainment online. It's a variation of the single player game Solitaire.

The play cards are dealt face down, beginning with top cards dealt first to form the top of three "pyramid peaks," hence the name Tripeaks Solitaire. All the other play cards pile on top of those to form four card high peaks. Then the remaining play cards are dealt still face down in rows, until the last layer on top, which is dealt face up.
The stock pile is face down, with the first card on top flipped up and the discard pile empty at first.

The cards are all automatically dealt in a random order upon opening the page. Going through the stock card pile, the player plays the next card in sequential order with the cards that are face up in rows and eventually the peaks. The face down cards underneath the face up cards already in play, then flip over to continue play. The player must clear all three peaks with the stock cards to win the game!
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