Temple Jewels

Bubble Shooter's latest match 3 puzzle game, Temple Jewels, puts a new spin on the genre. Use your wits to try to match 3 same colored jewels to eliminate the marked spaces, but don't expect this game to fall in line with others in the genre. By creating a game space that uses hexagons, triangles and other peculiar shapes, as opposed to the traditional square layout, Temple Jewels challenges your brain to find new and unique ways to eliminate those jewels. But don't run out of time! Unlike other match 3's the clock in Temple Jewels is a harsh and unforgiving enemy.
Bubble Shooter has outdone theirself on this one. Each of the 100+ levels will introduce you to a layout of shapes and challenges different than the last. Temple Jewels is a fast paced, brain twisting, visually beautiful game that is sure to occupy, frustrate and elate for hours!
Bubble Shooter