TenTix is a fascinating game that you can play online. It features a ten by ten board on which you should fix as many multicolored pieces as possible to score. Its features resemble those of the Tetris game, only that it has a set of playing blocks to fill.
Speed is critical, as you have to fill the provided block systematically within a short time. The pieces keep appearing at an accelerated pace as you advance in stages. That calls for quick thinking and faster execution. Do you think you can overpower the puzzle master?
The game is ideal for any age. It involves dragging the blocks and using them to cover up every grid. Let’s try the most captivating puzzle game on ufreegames.com. It comes at no cost. What more, you can access it using a device, such as a desktop or a smartphone.
How do I play?
If you want to play on a phone, you only need your finger to control the movements. If it is on a desktop, a mouse and a keyboard are all you need. The best thing is that installation is unnecessary, as it is ready to play online.
What you Need to Know
The game has won the adoration of more than 85% of online game players. You need a device with a screen having 800x600 px. It falls under several categories such as Hyper Casual, H5 game, Arcade, and single player. It supports either Spanish or English language. Enjoy the game on a Desktop, Mobile phone, or tablet.
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