Tom and Jerry Puzzle Escape

In 2018, Boomerang, the great entertainers in the cartoon industry, introduces a new online game, particularly for children. Those kids who enjoy animation shows should include Tom and Jerry Puzzle Escape in their must playlist. The game features two hilarious movie characters, Tom (cat) and Jerry (mouse), different unlocking modes, and adventure modes divided into 10 packed levels. Are you capable of solving this fun game puzzle? If so, you must assist Jerry to reach the house.
How to Play Tom and Jerry Puzzle Escape
Tom always makes life harder for Jerry, but the mouse has tricks that allow it to go through every challenge. Tom had a plan to stop Jerry from making through the house. The 10 packed levels are the only ways that Jerry can use. Also, there is delicious cheese hidden from Jerry under each level, and he needs to collect them.

To win the game, you must handle Tom, who is on every corner waiting to catch Jerry. You should overcome all the obstacles found at different levels and ensure Jerry is not caught. Also, run in ways that will allow Jerry to collect the cheese delicacies hidden under the levels. The more levels, the higher your chances of helping Jerry escape and win the game. Besides having fun, you will also understand how to overcome the obstacles when solving the puzzle.
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