Are you an online games enthusiast ready for new adventures? You might consider checking out Trim, a fun yet challenging game.

How to Play

The rules are easy; all you need to do is match together colored blocks. Keep an eye on them to avoid filling up the screen. Notably, Trim has some similarities to Tetris. The only difference is, Trim requires you to match single-colored blocks, not pre-defined shapes.

Showing Your Prowess

Like any other game, Trim has a few tricks. Be careful not to get stuck. For instance, avoid filling up the blocks to the top to avoid getting stuck. That would mean game over. Power-ups can help you clear the blocks faster, which is precisely what you want. Show your prowess with this exciting game.

We understand that you might like fast-paced games, and we give you exactly that. Try out our remarkably entertaining game, Trim, from your desktop or mobile browser.

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