Bubble Shoot Jungle

Bubble Shoot Jungle, also known as Bubble Shooter Jungle, offers endless unique play with poppable balls instead of bubbles. In a stone courtyard in a tropical locale, the player rolls balls on a shaded grid toward mixed balls arranged into rows. Their goal is to earn as many points as possible by popping three or more of the same type of ball at a time. They earn the most points when they pop the largest possible clusters and non-matching balls below matching ones.

The game features a new type of ring shooter that is twisted instead of perfectly round. The player can shoot either of the projectile balls on the ring at any time. They target two or more balls that match one of the two projectiles using a dotted aiming line. When they make a shot count, all the connected matching balls rip to shreds. If they make multiple shots count in a row, they receive a laser-style, glowing green power ball to cut through a mix of balls for additional points.

Bubble Shoot Jungle also offers the player a green-outlined, clear ball that acts like a bomb to take out multi-colored balls as well. The player must view advertising videos to use it.

If they fail to stop all the balls on the court grid from reaching a frosted line in the lower grid area near the shooter, they lose the game and must try again.

How To Play

Shoot projectiles at matching groups of two or more connected balls. Whenever necessary, select the twisted ring to swap balls. Pop the largest clusters possible. Perform avalanches that remove multi-colored balls below clusters. Use boosters.


Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To roll a ball, drag the mouse and click.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To roll a ball, drag the stylus or finger and tap.

Bubble Shoot Jungle
Bubble Shoot Jungle.

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