Bubble Shooter Blast

Bubble Shooter Blast, a bubble-popping game set in unique fantasy worlds, provides the player with hundreds of levels of fun action. The player`s primary goal is to shoot and pop bubbles, rescue animals called elves inside of bubbles, earn the highest possible score, and achieve three gold stars per level.

The fantasy worlds include Tree Land, Castle Land, Magic Land, Forest Land, Maple Forest, Ice Land, Snow World, Bamboo Land, Ocean World, Osaka Trip, Mushroom Island, Toy City, Radish Field, Forest Fortress, Magical Island and Mangrove Village. The player starts in Tree Land. Each news world remains hidden behind clouds until the player completes all levels for the preceding one.

The player clears bubbles hanging in front of a scene from the world by shooting projectile bubbles from a ring shooter that holds two swappable projectiles at a time. The player can perform a swap by selecting the area inside the ring that displays the number of moves remaining for that level. If they`re willing to watch an ad video, they can earn three extra moves.

Bubble Shooter Blast provides the player with a free daily gift and separate rewards. Typically, these rewards include boosters that they can also purchase with diamonds that they win along the way. The boosters include Bomb Bubbles, Rocket Blasters and Magic Fairy Balls. These tools are extremely helpful because the game makes play more difficult after the player performs bubble-matching streaks by releasing stars of different colors and sizes from purple swirling portals below the shooter as a distraction.

How To Play

Shoot two or more bubbles on the field with a matching projectile to pop a cluster of bubbles. For faster play that conserves projectiles, swap projectiles and use boosters now and then. Whenever necessary, buy boosters. Unlock new worlds. Play all levels.


Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To shoot from the ring shooter, click and drag the mouse.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To shoot using the ring shooter, tap and drag the finger or stylus.

Bubble Shooter Blast
Bubble Shooter Blast.

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