Bubble Blast

Bubble Blast is a bubble-popping game. Against a purple backdrop and a background that features big, yellow smiley-face buttons, the player clears hundreds of unique patterns of bubbles. They also receive other tasks, such as attempting to knock unpoppable rocks from the field, collecting royal crowns and shooting through thick clouds.

This game features a white ring with a main projectile bubble at the center and a secondary one to the lower right inside of two rotating white arrows where the player can switch the projectiles. It displays the number of available projectiles to the left of the ring. The player earns the most points when they limit the number of projectiles they use to clear a field. Any remaining projectile bubbles pop and reward high points.

The player targets bubbles using a dotted line that features small, color-matched dots outlined in white. They must hit a group of two or more that match the projectile`s color to remove a cluster of three or more. To use fewer projectiles, they must create shooting strategies. For example, they might angle a shot off a side wall to hit a group of matching bubbles above other groups to cause an avalanche of bubbles.

Bubble Blast provides the player with boosters over time as well. These boosters include bombs, a crosshair bubble, electricity strikes, explosives, extra projectiles and fireballs.

If the player closes out the pop-up window that prompts them to the next pattern, the game sends them to the home screen. In that area, they can eventually break a piggy bank filled with coins, collect a daily bonus gift, and compete with other online players.

How to Play:

Target a group of identical bubbles and shoot with a matching projectile. If necessary, switch projectiles first. Complete level tasks. Use shooting strategies and boosters. Collect rewards. Play competitively.


Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To shoot, slide the mouse and click.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To shoot, slide the tip of the stylus or finger and tap.

Bubble Blast
Bubble Blast.

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