Just Bubbles

Just Bubbles is a bubble shooter that emphasizes that its main targets are "just bubbles." As with other bubble shooters, the player must pop bubbles to reach achievements that grant them rewards and points. Depending on the mode of play (i.e., Endless, Merge, Strategy or Survival), the game also presents them with other tasks.

Each mode is unique. The Endless mode allows the player to relax by popping clusters of three or more matching bubbles without a time limit or other stressful requirement. With Merge, they merge bubble pairs to earn points. With Strategy, they attempt to pop all bubbles without using a lot of moves. This mode penalizes the player any time they shoot without popping a cluster. The Survival mode makes the bubbles drop quickly down the field. The player receives several goals that they must complete while also attempting to play for the longest possible time to earn a high score.

Just Bubbles offers several booster tools to help the player remove large clusters and non-matching avalanche bubbles from the field. These tools include explosive bombs, burning laser beams, sniper rifles and rainbow balls.

If the player allows the bubbles to drop to the bottom of the field at any time, they lose the game and must restart the mode.

How to Play:

This game has special rules for every mode. Select a mode. After the selection, select the yellow button labeled with an "i" to learn more about that mode. Pop or merge bubbles. Use ad-view-supported tools.


Mouse: Click buttons. To switch bubbles when presented with the ring shooter, click the shooter. To shoot a projectile bubble, direct the shot by sliding the mouse, and then click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To swap bubbles, tap the shooter. To shoot a projectile, tap a target.

Just Bubbles
Just Bubbles.

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