Bubble Hunt

Bubble Hunt is a bubble-popping game. In a sunlit city park near a line of fences and trees, the player attempts to collect golden anthropomorphic hearts within allotted timeframes across 48 challenging levels by popping bubbles. They also attempt to earn a lot of points.

The player pops bubbles by shooting projectiles from an arrow shooter at patterns of bubbles surrounding the golden heart. This game doesn`t offer traditional round bubbles. Instead, it features candy, star and other shapes with emoji faces.

Gameplay is made difficult in several ways. The shooter doesn`t have an aiming or targeting line, which means that the player might have difficulty gauging angles and distances when attempting side-wall and one-bubble-width gap shots. This task is made especially difficult because the arrow distractingly moves in and out of the shooter every other second.

If the player fails to complete the task before time runs out in the upper-left area of the screen, they must restart the level. If they allow the bubbles to slide down too far and fail to pop the lower bubbles while the frame around the playfield blinks red, they lose as well.

Bubble Hunt provides power-up boosters. For example, the player can use a four-blade fan to pop a horizontal row of bubbles and black bombs to explode sections. They can activate these tools with a single hit from any type of bubble.

The player also receives bonus points if they have time remaining on the clock when they complete a task or drop non-matching bubbles in an avalanche from the open side or bottom of a popped group.

How to Play:

Pop bubbles with projectiles to reach the golden heart. Claim the heart by popping away all the bubbles around it. Use power-up boosters.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot non-round bubble projectiles, slide the mouse to aim the arrow and click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, side the finger or stylus and tap.

Bubble Hunt
Bubble Hunt.

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