Bubble Pop Master

Bubble Pop: Master is a classic-style bubble-popping game with high-quality artwork and design elements. Against a traditional gradient-blue backdrop, the player attempts to earn the highest score possible across levels by creating clusters of three or more glow bubbles of the same color.

The player uses a ring shooter with a dotted arrow pointer and two swappable glowing projectiles to create the clusters. When they hit a group, the bubbles pop and the game assigns points. Any bubbles attached to an open side or beneath the cluster fall into round, colored containers below the shooter to assign bonus points.

Bubble Pop: Master tasks the player with doing their best to pop clusters with every hit. That said, it gives them the initial ability to miss and prepare for future hits up to five times without any type of penalty. After the fifth time, as indicated by disappearing glowing gray bubbles to the left of the shooter, the game drops another row of mixed bubbles onto the playfield. The player receives one less pass for the next round (i.e., four gray bubbles instead of five). The game rotates through the gray bubbles with each round until it only allows one miss before a penalty, and then it resets to five again.

The player can improve their chance of popping clusters with every hit by using special booster and upgrade options. The game allows them to add a targeting bubble to the arrow pointer and extend the dotted line. It also allows them to play with a third swappable projectile and bombs that explode clusters of mixed-color bubbles. In these cases, the player might need to watch an advertisement to access the tool.

How to Play:

Point the arrow at a cluster that matches the projectile bubble. If the main projectile doesn`t match, swap it with the secondary one. Shoot at the cluster. To use boosters and other tools, watch advertisement videos.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot a glowing projectile bubble, slide the mouse, and then click the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, slide the tip of the stylus or finger, and then tap the trackpad or screen.

Bubble Pop Master
Bubble Pop Master.

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