Bubble Shooter Classic Match 3 Pop Bubbles

Bubble Shooter: Classic Match 3 (Pop Bubbles) is a bubble-popping game in the animal-rescue subcategory. It`s most similar to Papa Panda: Bubble Shooter and Racoon Rescue. Against a backdrop of mushroom-capped houses, lily ponds and ancient statues, the player helps an adult cat rescue baby animals by popping groups of three or more connected bubbles. The animals include kittens, monkeys, pandas, pigs and rabbits.

This is a bubble-toss game rather than a traditional shooter game that uses an arrow, bow, cannon, ring or tunnel. The cat receives bubble projectiles that match the ones hanging on each playfield from a nearby wicker basket. The player directs the cat to toss a projectile instead of shoot it. If the bubble doesn`t match the closest ones on the field, they select the number that marks the number of available projectiles to swap the main one with the secondary one.

Bubble Shooter: Classic Match 3 (Pop Bubbles) provides the cat and player with boosters, including bombs and rockets that blow up bubbles, shuriken that spin through targets, and rainbow-colored disco balls that remove groups of any color. If the player removes enough groups of bubbles, they free the baby animals. Each baby has a parachute that allows it to float gently down to the ground. The player receives gemstones and stars at the end of each level.

How to Play:

Prompt the cat to toss bubble projectiles at matching connected bubbles. If necessary, swap the main and secondary projectiles first. When available, use the booster. Free all the babies in each level.


Mouse: Click buttons. To direct the adult cat`s aim and prompt it to toss a bubble projectile, slide the mouse and click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To make the cat toss a bubble, slide the stylus or finger tip and tap.

Bubble Shooter Classic Match 3 Pop Bubbles
Bubble Shooter Classic Match 3 Pop Bubbles.

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