Bubble Shooter Golden Chests

Bubble Shooter Golden Chests is a bubble-popping game. Against an early evening jungle background, the player shoots projectile bubbles at an assortment of connected hanging bubbles to earn points and collect treasure-filled chests across 48 levels.

The game provides the player with a gold-banded black cannon shooter with a harpoon tip sticking out the top as a targeting arrow and a projectile bubble. To make gameplay more difficult, it doesn`t provide an aiming line. It also makes the arrow slide in and out of the cannon to create a distraction.

Bubble Shooter Golden Chests is a timed game. The player must attempt to beat the clock in the upper-left corner on each level. If they fail or allow the bubbles sliding down the screen to reach the bottom, they must replay the level. If they create enough clusters of three or more matching bubbles to reach a treasure chest placed among the hanging bubbles, they win gold clover coins and unlock the next level.

The player receives several booster bubbles to help them win. For example, they can use a clock inside a bubble to slow time, a bomb to blow up nearby bubbles, or a serrated circular saw blade to tear through a horizontal line of bubbles.

How to Play:

Find two or more connected bubbles that match the projectile to create a cluster. Aim the cannon with precision, and then shoot the projectile. Wait for the targeted bubbles to transform into a larger cluster of small bubbles and then fade from the playfield. Whenever possible, target and pop booster bubbles. To collect a treasure chest, clear away all the bubbles around it.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot the cannon, slide the mouse to align the tip of the harpoon arrowhead with a target, and then click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, slide the tip of the finger or stylus, and then tap.

Bubble Shooter Golden Chests
Bubble Shooter Golden Chests.

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