Bubble Shooter Pop It Now

Bubble Shooter Pop It Now is a bubble-shooting game with a magical fantasy theme. The player attempts to clear away clusters of matching bubble balls from a playfield with a ring shooter for as long as possible.

The ring shooter is a white ring with two swappable projectiles. The player shoots a projectile at two or more connected, matching bubble balls to form a cluster. The bubbles don`t pop on the field. Instead, the player knocks the clusters off the rows, and the balls drop to a dotted horizontal line, bounce, burst and award points.

The rows of bubbles slide down the screen while the player shoots projectiles. The speed of the slide increases over time. If even one bubble ball touches the horizontal line when it`s not part of a cluster or avalanche that falls with a cluster (i.e., contact caused by the slide), the player loses and must use coins or watch an ad to remove five lines from the field and continue playing. Otherwise, they start over.

Bubble Shooter Pop It Now allows the player to select a fairy avatar and eventually pay for random access to new wings and sidekick pets. These cheerful aspects of the game aren`t entirely positive. They dance and move around in distracting ways. The pet sometimes appears on the playfield with a large speech bubble that blocks the player`s view.

That said, the player can make up any losses with three main boosters located near the bottom-left corner. A frozen bubble performs freeze-field magic that temporarily stops the slide. A magic bubble with rainbow swirl colors matches any color. Lastly, a bomb bubble knocks bubbles from the field.

How to Play:

Shoot projectiles to hit matching bubble balls. Use coins and ad views to continue playing, acquire boosters and access random wings and pets.


Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To hit clusters by shooting projectiles, slide the mouse to position the cursor above a specific bubble or gap on the field, and then click.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To hit clusters, slide the stylus or finger to position the cursor, and then tap.

Bubble Shooter Pop It Now
Bubble Shooter Pop It Now.

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