Dinosaur Eggs Pop

Dinosaur Eggs Pop is a bubble-popping game that features mixed-colored, speckled eggs hanging in rows in front of a nighttime forested area under a starry sky. A dinosaur and an owl task the player with removing the eggs from the playfield as quickly as possible to earn the highest score possible during endless play. The player only loses the game if they allow an egg to reach a length of rope stretched horizontally near the bottom of the field.

The eggs slide down the screen rapidly. The player shoots egg projectiles from a ring shooter at two or more matching eggs to create color-matched clusters that pop with bursts of color like balloons.

The shooter offers two swappable egg projectiles and a color-matched, dotted aiming line for faster results. The game also provides powerful booster tools, including multipliers that help the player earn higher points, arrows that push the eggs into a higher position during the slide, and fireballs that pop sections like explosive bombs.

Dinosaur Eggs Pop has several rewards. It gives the player a daily bonus. If the player agrees to watch an ad video, they receive double the amount. When the player does well, they also receive in-game currency for reaching certain levels of play, such as when they reach a specific score or pop a specific number of eggs. They can even rank on a leaderboard that`s accessible via the home screen.

How to Play:

Quickly assess the distribution of the colored eggs on the field and the egg projectile options. Shoot projectiles at two or more matching connected eggs. Use powerful tools. Enjoy rewards.


Mouse: Click buttons. To aim and shoot egg projectiles, drag the mouse and click each time.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot projectiles, drag the stylus or finger and tap each time.

Dinosaur Eggs Pop
Dinosaur Eggs Pop.

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