Bubble Buster HD

Bubble Buster H.D. is a bubble shooter with an industrial workplace theme. The player must pop bubbles hanging on a playfield. Instead of directly controlling a shooter, they control the actions of a worker wearing a yellow hard hat who manually moves levers that control a metal targeting arrow, a dotted targeting line, and a projectile-shooting cannon.

The player can only remove bubbles by creating clusters of three or more matching ones with each projectile. The game gives them an opportunity to see the next projectile to roll into the cannon from the far right of the device, near the bottom of the sidebar that displays green digital numbers in round, score and time fields.

Bubble Buster H.D. breaks up gameplay into different modes (Arcade and Random). It also presents two difficulty levels (Time-Based and Turn-Based). With Arcade mode, the player faces patterns that increase in difficulty and complexity over time. With Random, the player faces 100 levels of increasing bubble numbers and drop speeds.

Given the title-related descriptions, the Time-Based and Turn-Based difficulty levels offer expected challenges. The former option slides the bubbles down the screen on a timed schedule, and the latter one slides the bubbles after every shot.
The player can also see a mini preview of available patterns. They merely need to use the Level Select option.

How to Play:

Direct the worker to align the arrow, aiming line, and cannon to shoot a projectile at one of at least two connected matching bubbles. Make the shot. Use the display of the next projectile to make shooting strategies. Shoot as many times as necessary to clear the field.


Mouse: Click buttons. To use the cannon to direct the worker to shoot bubble projectiles, slide the mouse and click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To use the cannon, slide the stylus or finger and tap.

Bubble Buster HD
Bubble Buster HD.

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