Bubble Shooter Online

Bubble Shooter online is a bubble-popping game. The player`s goal is to remove every bubble from rows of colored bubbles on a light blue playfield with a classic arrow shooter. They also attempt to earn a high score, which they can review at the top of the screen. If they lose by allowing bubbles on the field to slide down to a dashed horizontal line, their goal is to beat the previous score shown near the upper-left corner.

The player`s shooter is a bubble projectile at the base of a pointer arrow without any type of aiming or targeting line system. A secondary projectile rests near the lower-left corner. That said, the player can`t swap projectiles. The second one is only a preview that they can use to form a strategy when shooting.

Bubble Shooter Online allows the player to change the difficulty level at any time by using the three-line hamburger icon at the top-right corner. They can pick Novice, Expert or Master. It also helps the player by providing them with silver bubble passes that allow them to not pop bubbles five times and sometimes a wild-card rainbow bubble projectile. If the player uses up their passes, the game loads another row of bubbles.

How to Play:

Look for two or more bubbles along the bottom row of bubbles that match the projectile. Hit those bubbles with it to create a cluster of three or more matching bubbles that pop. Keep a close eye on the number of remaining silver bubbles near the preview at any given time. If a rainbow bubble appears, shoot it at a large cluster of matching bubbles or a hanging group of bubbles close to the dashed line.


Mouse: Cl
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To shoot, slide the stylus or finger and tap.

Bubble Shooter Online
Bubble Shooter Online.

Bubble Shooter