FGP Bubble Shooter

Fun Game Play (FGP) Bubble Shooter is a bubble-popping game. It tasks the player with popping groups of three or more identical bubbles using a squat, pot-style cannon shooter and a gradient white pointer arrow against a purple backdrop.

As a challenge, the game doesn`t provide the player with some of the basic tools available in similar games, such as swappable projectile bubbles or a targeting line. Instead, it provides a preview of the next projectile after the main one. It also gives the player a free pass five times before issuing any type of penalty.

With the pass, the player doesn`t need to worry about the game adding additional rows of bubbles onto the playfield unless they fail to pop bubbles five times. The game warns them about a looming penalty by removing a silver bubble from a horizontal line of five next to the shooter each time they fail to pop a group.

When the player pops a group, the bubbles burst and transform into additional bubbles before fading from the screen. If the player misses or prepares later shots too often and new bubbles drop onto the field, the game rolls the existing bubbles slightly into new positions that either pop bubbles or change possible former group-making opportunities. If the rows slide too far down the screen to a position roughly at the mid-point of the arrow pointer when it`s pointing straight up, the player loses.

Fun Game Play (FGP) Bubble Shooter displays the points in a large orange score area near the Top 10 leaderboard button to the right of the playfield.

How to Play:

Align the arrow on the cannon as much as possible with a bubble or gap between two bubbles that matches the projectile. Create groups of three or more identical bubbles. Clear the entire playfield of bubbles.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot using the pot cannon shooter, slide the mouse, and then click once.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, slide the stylus or finger, and then tap once.

FGP Bubble Shooter
FGP Bubble Shooter.

Bubble Shooter