Ocean Bubble Shooter

Ocean Bubble Shooter is a bubble-popping game. Against a backdrop of ancient ruins lost in the deep ocean long ago, the player attempts to collect rainbow-colored bubbles by popping clusters of three or more matching bubbles with projectiles.

The player receives an arrow shooter with an oyster shell base, a crossbow bolt-style arrow, a main projectile and a tiny, non-swappable projectile preview. They attempt to reach a rainbow bubble by using as few shots as possible. They only need to create a gap in the rows wide enough to shoot a projectile at it.

The rows slide down toward the bottom of the field rapidly. As a result, the player must quickly align their shots and make precise hits. That said, the game doesn`t provide them with any aiming assistance in the form of a solid laser or dotted aiming line. Instead, they must use hand-eye coordination and precision cursor placement.

Ocean Bubble Shooter penalizes the player if they allow the bubbles to reach a red-and-white-striped line that appears on the screen as a warning when the rows slide too close to the lower part of the field. A bubble also starts flashing a warning exclamation mark as well. Given the distraction caused by flashing warnings, the player must attempt to pop lower bubbles as often as possible.

The player receives help from several boosters that include a battery bubble that removes a horizontal line of bubbles with electricity, a bomb bubble that explodes a group of matching and non-matching bubbles, and a bubble with a clock that slows the slide of the rows.

When they fail, they can continue by watching an ad video or simply replaying the level. When they succeed, they receive points and bonus points. They also receive an opportunity to rank on a leaderboard that`s accessible via the home screen.

How to Play:

Shoot to create poppable bubble clusters. Hit boosters in the rows. Make a projectile hit the rainbow bubble.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot, drag and click the mouse.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, drag and tap the finger or stylus.

Ocean Bubble Shooter
Ocean Bubble Shooter.

Bubble Shooter