Pool Bubbles

Pool Bubbles is a bubble-shooting game that has a pool hall theme. It features a classic green baize pool table with a pool cue as the shooter`s targeting arrow. The player shoots candy-colored projectiles at rows of matching bubbles on the table. When they create a cluster of three or more of these bubbles, the game shrinks and removes the pieces. The player`s goal is to clear the entire table and earn a fantastic score to reach one of the three champion score levels displayed on the right side of the screen.

The player slides the cue left or right to direct a shot. They shoot after they align the cue with a bubble that matches the projectile. If they remove non-matching bubbles below a cluster that disappears, those bubbles also disappear. The player then receives a bonus added to their overall score.

Pool Bubbles allows the player to not remove bubbles five times before it adds more pieces to the pool table. The player confirms when the game is about to add more bubbles by checking the bottom-left corner. When they can`t remove any bubbles with a shot, the game makes one of the five gray ones in that area disappear and leaves behind a green, circular indent in the table.

It`s important to note that bubbles roll when the game slides a new row onto the table. Many bubbles in preexisting rows slide left or right, creating new connection patterns.

How to Play:

Check the pool table`s bottom row for one or more bubbles that match the first projectile in the shooter. Shoot to remove a group or prepare a shot for some time later in the game. Continue shooting to remove all bubbles.


Mouse: Click buttons. Shoot the projectiles at the rows by clicking the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. Shoot projectiles by tapping the finger or stylus against the screen or trackpad.

Pool Bubbles
Pool Bubbles.

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