Ball Sort Puzzle

Ball Sort Puzzle, also known as Ball Sort Puzzle: Color Sort, requires the player to sort balls by color into test tubes. It features hundreds of fun and challenging levels designed to improve cognitive and deductive reasoning skills and hand-eye coordination.

The game presents the test tubes on each level against a landscape image that displays fir trees and a dawn or dusk sky. The player can move one ball at a time or clusters of color-matched balls.

A test tube must always have enough empty space in it to hold the balls. Over time, the game makes the play more difficult in different ways. For example, it might present balls that look almost identical except for slight variations in the shades of the colors.

Ball Sort Puzzle confirms when the player completes a horizontal column of color-matched balls by shooting confetti out of the test tube. If the player moves the wrong ball, they can use a back arrow button to reverse the move. If they can't figure out what to do, they can use a lightbulb button.

That said, the player only receives two free uses per button. As long as they're not using an ad blocker, they can also add an extra test tube to the scene. For continued access to the tools and to unlock a test tube, they must view ads.

How to play

Sort the colored balls one by one or in color-matched clusters. If the game has already made a free empty test tube available, sort a color into it first. When necessary, view ads to use the undo and hint buttons or place another test tube in the scene. 


Mouse: Click buttons. To move a ball, click it, and then a test tube.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To move a ball, tap it, and then a tube.

Ball Sort Puzzle
Ball Sort Puzzle.

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