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In Mahjong games, players are presented with a field of tiles stacked in layers of different shapes and designs. Typically the tiles hover above a static, themed background image. A game might include pleasant, relaxing background music to match the theme. Players must clear the tiles layer-by-layer in a top-down fashion by matching two tiles that have the same symbols or numbers at a time. They can't clear matching tiles at the center of a layer. They can only work top-down or from the border inward.

Developed originally in China in the 19th century, the classic version of Mahjong and a wide variety of alternative versions based around complicated tasks or themed gameplay have emerged both offline and online over the years. Players must use their matching skills and different strategies to match the tiles in the correct order to clear all from the field of play. Luck is also a factor since players have no way of knowing if they're clearing the tiles in the right order.

In some versions of Mahjong, players must clear the play field before a timer runs out or complete specific tasks beyond matching tiles. For example, they might need to complete mini-games. Online versions of Mahjong are typically divided into standard play field boards that have no interconnectivity except for increasing difficulty and story-style games that allow players to reach new chapters in the story of one or more characters every time they clear a board.

Classic online versions of Mahjong involve suits based on the Chinese version and feature bamboo, characters and dots in numbers up to nine. Outside of these suits, players must usually also clear away tiles marked by symbols related to dragons, flowers, seasons and winds. In themed games, these "honors" and "bonus" tiles might feature symbols specific to a particular game's theme.

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