Mahjong is a tile-matching game designed to simulate the original classic Chinese version of Mahjong. It features layers of ivory tiles with traditional symbols, including blue, green and red bamboo stalks, stones, dragon symbols and flowers, in a unique Mahjong layout.

The player's ultimate goal is to remove all tiles from the green and taupe bamboo-themed background in matching pairs at their own pace. Unlike similar games, they don't need to worry about using boosters, beating a necessary timer, or competing quickly against other online players. Although the game features a timer, it merely reveals the amount of time the player took to clear the tiles from the field. They can then choose if they want to attempt to beat this time the next time they play the game.

The horizontal bar above the playfield displays three items. It tells the player the number of matches available at any time and the number of tiles remaining on the field. It also displays the time. The bottom-left corner provides the player with options to adjust the sound, quit the game and start over. The player can use the options near the bottom-right corner to request hints, undo their last move, and reshuffle the tiles to find new matches.

Mahjong turns a pair of tiles a glowing purple-pink color when the player uses the hint button marked with a light bulb. The game doesn't penalize the player for using hints or any of the other tools available. Instead, it provides unlimited assistance.


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