Mahjong Blue

Mahjong Blue is a tile-matching game with a blue theme. As with similar games, the player must clear a playfield of layered Chinese Mahjong tiles by matching pairs of tiles. With this version, gradient-white tiles with dark blue edges rest on a solid light blue backdrop. This is the only difference between Mahjong Blue and other traditional online versions of Mahjong.

The player doesn't track their moves or score. They don't need to collect points or beat a timer. They merely need to remove all the tiles from the blue background.

The Mahjong tiles feature traditional bamboo, dots, dragons, plants, seasons and other markings in green, blue and red colors. The player can only match uncovered tiles that have at least one free left or right side. They also can't select tiles covered by or between other tiles. With plants and seasons, they don't need to match the picture on the tiles. Instead, they match tiles from the same categories, respectively.

Mahjong Blue allows the player to load a new game at any time with a white back arrow button at the lower-right corner. Otherwise, there are no other play options. The player doesn't receive hint or undo buttons. They don't even receive a warning if they're about to run out of moves.

How To Play

Look for pairs of matching unblocked, uncovered tiles based on identical pictures or similar categories. Select a tile, wait for it to turn yellow to indicate the selection, and then select its match. Select additional pairs of tiles to remove the layers and all tiles from the field. If desired, start a new game at any time by selecting the back arrow button.


Mouse: Click buttons and tiles with matching pictures or plant or seasonal categories.
Mobile: Tap buttons and matching pairs of tiles.

Mahjong Blue
Mahjong Blue.

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