Mahjong link

Mahjong Link is a connect-style tile-matching game that features classic Mahjong ivory tiles and imagery arranged into block patterns against a deep velvety red wallpaper designed with large flower blossoms, delicate leaves and curling vines. The player's only goal is to remove all 12 levels of blocks and earn a high score. They can only remove the blocks in matching pairs.

The tiles display traditional iconography, including dragon symbols, language characters, dot stones and bamboo sticks with varied black, blue, red and green coloration. To make matching the tiles easier, the game places a red number at the upper-right corner of every tile. The player also receives the opportunity to use six hints initially to help them select the correct pairs of tiles. The game displays rotating circles of four-point stars around two matching tiles. Over time, the game rewards them with additional free hints.

Mahjong Link only permits the removal of matching side-by-side and stacked tiles and identical ones within three lines or two 90-degree angles of each other along the same edge or across gaps created by removing interior tiles. During selection, the tiles turn orange.

Removed pairs increase the score located to the right of a glass horizontal bar at the bottom-center of the screen that serves as a timer. When the player removes a pair, it adds a second or two to the timer.

Warning: If the player decides to return to the home screen at any time, the entire game resets. They must restart from the first level, no matter what level they played last.

How to Play:

Look for edge and interior pairs. Select those tiles first. Since the game doesn't restore the six hints with each new level, use hints sparingly across all levels. Clear away all 12 tile patterns.


Mouse: Click buttons and pairs of matching tiles.
Mobile: Tap buttons and tiles.

Mahjong link
Mahjong link.

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